I love having a conversation and catching up especially when I have the luxury of time. So when Jenna of The Sunshine Artist tag me, I am more than happy to join in the conversation.

My favorite place to have a conversation with is under the starry night sky with the moon shining brightly. There’s something magical about the combination of the presence of celestial bodies, the cold evening and the roaring bonfire.

Come now sit with me near the bonfire. Here are some marshmallows while we catch up.


Photo by Rebecca Freeman on Unsplash
Photo by Leon Contreras on Unsplash

But first let me tell you about the rules:

1. Answer the questions you receive (straight, funny, absurd, up to you)

2. Create three questions of your own for those that you tag to answer

3. Tag three people

Let’s now hop on the questions:

1. What’s your favorite Christmas movie? My favorites are A Charlie Brown Christmas ( I love Snoopy!) 😁, Home Alone 1 & 2 and The Nativity Story (We all need to be reminded why we are celebrating Christmas).

2. What’s your favorite Christmas tradition? I love Christmas because it’s that time of the year when my family gathers all together. It has been our tradition to eat together at exactly 12 am. We call it ”Noche Buena” (Spanish for “Good Night” or “Holy Night”).

3. What was your most memorable Christmas and why? My most memorable Christmas was when I had my children. It’s special when we have to celebrate their first Christmas. It reminds us that they are gifts from God.

Since Jenna’s questions are timely for this season (and I’m pressed for time 😁😇), I am borrowing her questions. Without further ado, I am tagging the following great bloggers:

Sadje of Keep it Alive

Carly of Message in Stanza

Crushed Caramel

Let’s have some fun guys and start a conversation. ❤️


Photo by Robson Hatsukami Morgan on Unsplash