Hello lovely people! I hope you forgive me for replying late to all your lovely comments. If I have not replied yet, I’m still in the process of searching for comments that I have missed. Please remind me too if I missed your wonderful comments and nominations.

My gratefulness post today should have been posted last Tuesday as part of my Grateful Tuesday. It has been a crazy week because of the holiday rush and parties that I need to attend to. So much has been expected of me and I can’t say no because of responsibilities. I’m on schedule with my errands but I neglected my blog.

So here I am now with my gratefulness for the bloggers who have nominated me. As much as I would like to answer all of the questions I was asked, I will be answering a few of their questions to show my appreciation. Here it goes.

Sunshine Blogger Award # 14, 15, 16, 17

Maia Stone of Art of being a Person

Maia is my ”kababayan” (fellow countrywoman). Writing is her passion.

Maia’s questions:

• If you can make everyone in the world do one thing to make the world better, what would it be and why? I want to plant my seed of knowledge to everyone.

• What’s the first book you’ve ever read? If I remember correctly it was a local folklore story.

• What’s your favorite animal? (not necessarily as pet, you can also choose a mythical creature) Dog, cat and bird. No iguanas and snakes, please. 😂

• What food takes you to your childhood? The version of my father’s chicken and a pork stew called Menudo.

• Which is your favorite room in your home? The living room is my favorite. I spend most of my time here writing poems and blog posts.

Popsicle society

• What makes you feel happy? My family makes me happy.

• Do you smile everyday? Yes! As soon as I wake up and face the mirror, I smile and motivate myself.

• Do you like traveling? Very much!

• How do you keep up with your blog and your followers? Do you have enough time? I usually follow a schedule but lately, I did not. I don’t enough time lately. 😥

• What’s your favorite food? Japanese, Italian and of course my country’s food like Kare-kare

Cara of Crushed Caramel

• Do you like parties? Yes!

• What is your favourite food “on toast”? Butter or cheese

• Do you have any bad driving habits? I’m a defensive driver. It comes with living in my country. I should be more careful. 😁

• What’s the most romantic thing that someone has done for you? For me, spending the whole day with me and taking me to my favorite place was romantic.

• If you were a tourist in England, where would you like to visit? All of the tourist attractions in England especially the Buckingham Palace.

Sadje of Keep it Alive

She’s a dear one. She’s great with word and photo prompts. She also writes nice stories.

How do you get inspiration for writing? I get inspiration from everyday life, what I see on the streets, hear from people and from nature and music.

If given a choice would you choose traveling by train or ship? By train. I want to be able to see the lush greeneries.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Night owl. See, I’m still awake! I should be sleeping by now. 😁😂 I am finishing this post as I will be busy later.

Are you a coffee person or a tea addict? Tea addict!

Food that you cannot resists? Chocolate! 🍫

Thank you for reading! ❤️

Image: Pixabay