A calming presence
wash over me
as I soak
in the warm rays of light

A sense of completeness
course through me
as I laze in solitude
at my favorite spot

In a flash 
a mythical spirit 
manifest as a ball of light
infront of me

Mystified I was 
in the presence
of my spirit guide
communing with me

I had a glimpse
of good things to come
from this orb 
who appeared before me

Do you believe in Spirit orbs? What exactly are they? They are balls of light that mostly appear in photos and sometimes with the naked eye which manifest in different sizes and colors.

Why I was sharing this is that I had a photo of me with a big orb of light below my face. I believe it was my spiritual guide since the orb was brighter and more dense.

Sadly, I deleted the photo thinking it was not a good photo of me with the big exposure of light.

I read an article a while ago that the difference of spirit orbs to dust particle in a photo is that mine has outer rings or several rings around it unlike a dust particle captured in a photo.

What do you think?

Featured image: Google