A war between Gods
is brewing
threatening to spill
out of proportion

Zeus open the skies
a tempest erupted
rousing Poseidon
from his slumber

Poseidon retaliated
facing Zeus
unleashing a mighty water
with his three-pronged spear

The duel
went on and on
neither giving up
until both got bored and retreated

After a while
a quiet stillness
was left
to reckon

Good afternoon from this side of the world lovely people! For this first day of the week, let us turn a negative into something positive. 

I have a question for you. Who do you think represent Zeus and Poseidon? What are they fighting for? Who suffers most from their conflict?

Conflict is defined as to be incompatible or differing in opinions, principles or interests. Most times it may lead to a clash and serious altercations.

We all have differences and we must live with that. We have to accept each other’s differences to avoid hurting others. It’s also a waste of time.

So are you in conflict with anyone? I hope you remember that there’s no good outcome being in conflict with anyone. It even weakens our health. Thus, we must all learn to accept each other’s differences and respect one another. 

Thank you for reading. Happy Monday everyone! ❤️

Featured image: Google