I hope you all forgive me for not replying to your wonderful comments sooner or I haven’t replied yet. It was really a hectic month for me as some of you already know. I only want to update you that my schedule is back to normal now as my family went to school and work. This is also my first time after a while for using my laptop. Oh, my family loves my laptop since it’s fast when used for gaming. I don’t want to use theirs since I’m used to mine. You know what I mean. Mine is not the latest but still dependable since I have all the programs they need. It became a laptop for all! Gosh!

So I had to resort to my mobile phone for publishing my works and replying to comments. Unfortunately, I have missed some comments as the capacity of the mobile phone is limited. And some legitimate comments ended in my Spam folder! Therefore, if you’re thinking I snubbed your comments, please forgive me. I’m now in the process of checking out comments I missed. I really appreciate all your wonderful comments.

Here’s the page one of my Spam folder.



Thank you for sparing your time!

Image: Pixabay