When you were born
the heaven rejoice and each angel blew one’s horn
I was so excited
without a shadow of a doubt, I was delighted

I have loved you
from the moment I held and saw you
Words failed me 
as I held you tenderly

My eyes softened
whenever you missed my warmth every so often 
My soothing coo
never failed to calm you

Growing up, you gave me so much joy
my sweet and loving boy
I’m proud to be called your mommy
my forever baby

When the world will put you down
for you, I’ll be standing my ground
I’ll be your anchor
constantly supporting even at the stormiest weather

Never think for a minute 
you have a debt to repay, this I repute
All will become apparent
once you become a parent

Keep in mind
you’re one of a kind
I have been blessed
not cursed

You’ve grown to be a good man
done the right thing in raising you the best I can
My motherhood is complete
I’ll do it over again in a heartbeat

This poem was inspired by Bible Blogger’s poem titled ” How can I repay you mom?

Photo by Edward Cisneros at Unsplash