Hello lovely people! Here’s another fifteen-minute Fiction Friday challenge I always join at Instagram. Every Friday, The Novel Idealist shares a photo prompting anyone to create a story in 100 words. Please check out my instagram for more details. Here’s my take:

Tom enticed Elsa on a vacation in the Bahamas in their yacht. It was the perfect opportunity to get rid of her wife, a jewelry heiress.

Unraveling his scheme, Elsa played along. Tom pushed her and left hurriedly.

She’s thankful for the diving gear her butler placed at the bottom. Luckily, Tom agreed to dock here perfect for not surviving a fall.

When she saw the mark at the bottom of the boat, she finally ascended the water. Her right hand breaking the surface water first.

She’s going to surprise her husband at the boardroom tomorrow with a sardonic grin.

Thank you for reading! ❤️