The rustling of leaves
promised a breezy night
The drop of temperature
signaled a weather that was right

They say
be afraid of the dark
But I am not
for I find comfort in the dark of the night

Night has fallen
but I have the moon to guide me tonight
The stretching blackness
lifted by its silvery light

Moonbeams shone through the vastness
like a Goddess emanating its beautiful brightness

You can find beauty in the night
especially when the moon is shining so bright

Hello lovely people! For two days in a row, I noticed the moon has a certain glow. I googled when it will be full. I found out there will be a full moon tomorrow Monday, Jan. 21, at 12:16 a.m. EST (01:28 UTC) but it will be at its peak today for a casual stargazer. A total lunar eclipse will occur turning the moon with a shade of red. It’s referred to as a 

Here’s the photo of the moon I took earlier. In our part of the world, we wonโ€™t see its shade of red but with a special glow only.

full moon