A week ago my daughter told me their batch was going to participate in a Fun Run. A part of the proceeds will be donated to Marawi. This is a part of our country devastated by a five-month-long armed conflict. I’m sure you have heard of it.

I nod my agreement since I prefer donating for a cause and we’ll have a chance to run. Fortunately, my family agreed to participate. My husband and I both agreed we’re going to prep ourselves for the oncoming Fun Run.

The day finally came. We all got up early this morning, took a bath and proceeded to the venue. When we arrived, the queue was already long. So much for waking up early!

Here are some photos I took earlier.

P.S. Unfortunately, I was not able to join in the fun and run. I had to give my shirt and ticket to my youngest son. Originally, he was not sure he will join us so we had to limit our tickets and shirts. So I became the designated photographer. It’s what I really want. 😆

Thank you for reading! ❤️