The following story is my work of fiction to a photo prompt I was encouraged to by Sadje. Honestly, I had a hard time interpreting it as my imagination geared towards darkness. Please forgive me for it might contain not to your liking. In the end, I was able to depict the ending I want which is defeating evil.

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No one really knows who painted that graffiti on that abandoned structure declared condemned by the government. Not even a vagrant stays there for too long. It was haunted at night. There’s always an eerie sound as told by people who have been there. Those cavities glow in the dark like from a sinister movie.

There were many versions of urban legends circulating around but one story stands out from the rest. According to the legend, the Prince of darkness goes out from the underworld when the moon turned a bloody red. That building was the safest portal away from the prying eyes of the Angels. That’s what he thinks.

The Supreme being was getting bothered by many lost souls going to the Underworld. Most souls were lured and converted by dark legions. He created a Special Force of Angels to find out what was happening on earth.

One day, the Prince of darkness became avaricious and impatient. He was determined to win as many souls to the darkness as many as he can. He planned to gather his dark legions on earth even before the blood red moon comes out. That was the biggest mistake he made. Just so you know, the evil force is weak during bloodless moon.

He was finally spotted by the Special Forces once he came out from the building. Suddenly, there was a terrifying clash between the forces of good and evil. He tried to defeat them but to no avail. In humiliating disarray, he abruptly retreated to the underworld.

As soon as he retreated, the Special Forces sealed the portal. It was bound by magic or spell but no forces will ever make it open.

The glow you see at night is the Prince of darkness trying to break the spell. You can even discern something howling in frustration. The skull illustration was magically imprinted by the Special Forces to remind them the Prince of darkness tried to invade the earth with his wickedness. He will definitely make a try for sure but the Special Forces will be standing close by.

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