It’s time for another fifteen-minute Fiction Friday. It’s a photo prompt challenge I saw in Instagram created by The Novel Idealist. For 100 words you have to create a story or poem based on the given photo. Here’s my take on it.

Someone’s following him. That guy with the black trenchcoat is unmistakably familiar. He knows an agent when he sees one. How did they learn of his whereabouts?

He has a strong suspicion his protector expired. This is the first time he was not instructed what will be his next move.

His brilliant mind is to be blamed. He stumbled a panacea that will wipe out all diseases. It looks like someone from the government is not happy.

As soon as he passes an alley, someone grabs him by the collar. Is this his tragic demise or is this an ally?

Thank you for reading! ❤️