How are you all lovely people? Do you know what is the central source of meaning in our lives? It is creativity. Most of the things that we contribute to this world is a result of our own creativity. Creativity is the process of bringing into existence the new ideas formed from our mind. Anyone can be creative. We only have to unleash that.

Creativity is the topic I was tagged by Sadje of Keep it Alive for the Quote me 3.2.1. Thank you, dear. You have always been a constant supporter of my blog.

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Writing is one example of creativity. Big shoutout to all creative writers.

When we were little our imaginations are very big. We were not afraid to share new ideas but when we grew up some of us forgot this innovative approach. We started doing what others think. Let it not be. Let your imagination run wild again. Who knows? It will make a difference in this world.

Creativity makes our life really interesting. Thank you for reading. ❤️

P.S. I am tagging Jenna of The Sunshine Artist for this topic since she’s really creative. I hope you can participate and show others your creativity, dear Jenna. 😊❤️

Image: Pixabay