I am really flustered with what this blogger commented on one of my blog posts. She accused me of being a racist because she was offended by what I posted. I am an open minded person and I do not even judge from the first impression. I love people who love me back. I’m not here to slander anyone. All I want is to share happiness, hope and love. I gave my sincerest apology if I offended her but she did not accept it and continued to malign me with her words. She flooded me with malicious comments because I did not take the bait of arguing with her. How can you reason out with someone who only thinks of herself and not see my point of view? I’m not even surprised because she does not show herself in her blog. She does not even have a decent profile photo.

She threatened me with posting my “racist post” (in her words) on Facebook, Instagram and other social media. I do not have anything to hide because my conscience is clear. And I do not plan on removing that post I published unless WordPress states otherwise. I will own up to my mistakes if I erred.

Again, I am promoting happiness, hope, peace and love. Blessings to all of you!

Image: Pixabay