Hello lovely people! I want to thank you again. I feel grateful for the love and support that poured in from all of you earlier. Words can not express how much I appreciate all of you. I had a good mornight sleep 😁 because of your assurances.

My husband is also grateful to all of you. He had a sound sleep because my concerns have been assuaged. I can’t have him not getting enough sleep because he has meetings to attend to.

This post is also about informing you guys my blogging will be sporadic (I’ll try to squeeze some time to check out your blogs) these coming days as my friends in high school and I are preparing for our 30th high school reunion for this weekend. I can see you computing my age lol. Didn’t I tell you I’m already in my late 40’s? 😜

Anyway, I hope to share some photos from the reunion. Our theme is 80’s disco and we’ll be wearing outfits from that time. I did really enjoy my high school days so I’m excited to attend another one. It’s good to reminisce the good old days. Another post perhaps for these memories. 😉

How about you? What were your good memories?