Here’s another Tell The Story Challenge I was tagged. I would like to thank Crushed Caramel for the opportunity. I’m continuing Doug’s story from my last 15-minute Fiction Friday for this photo prompt.

Doug’s mind is in a jumble to what happened to him. It’s been months but he can’t still remember a thing about him. He is becoming restless and frustrated. All he has are flashes of scenes when he’s sleeping. But there’s this one scene that was invading his mind even in awaken state.

He was standing alone in a field of wheat crops. As he turned his head to his left he saw a big run-down house with lights turn on from the kitchen. It was a kitchen because he can see an ancient kiln by the glass window with curtains drawn apart. He tried to walk towards it but it was moving away from him.

Frustrated, he turned to his right. He was suddenly standing in front of tall wheatgrasses. He decided to part the wheat blocking his way. As soon as he opened it he saw the brace of ducks foraging for food near the pond. One of them has mud by its feathers.

It was a cute scene for a while. Then, it turned gruesome as the mud on the duck’s feather became red. His hand felt suddenly warm and moist. He was shocked to find blood in his hands. It was always that last scene he awakes from his nightmare panting and perspiring.

He is now thinking if it was related to his past. A sudden tremor of dread slide through him. He might not like knowing the answer.

What do you think is the meaning of his dream? Is it connected to his past or not?

Thank you for reading! ❤️