It’s never easy losing a loved one. It’s all the more painful for those who were left behind suddenly. No warning signs to prepare them for the pain they will endure. But thinking it through they have shown signs of saying goodbye as in the case with my father. He left advice and tried to show his love whenever he got the chance.

Life is fleeting. We’ll never know when we are going to depart. Some may have served their purpose in this life and left us early. Maybe they were suddenly called to a higher purpose. God may be running out of good soldiers to save mankind and He wants them by His side.

Yesterday, I went to the wake of one of my children’s teachers. He was too young to leave this life. His kindness left an indelible mark on every student’s life. What’s heartbreaking is he left a young wife and a small kid. You can feel his wife’s anguish whenever she passed the coffin. She was asking his husband why they left them suddenly. It was a heartwrenching sight.

Only God knows the answer to the mysteries of life. The only thing we can do is to live our life to the fullest. Do good in our borrowed life. Make the most of the time we have with our loved ones. To live a life with no regrets at the end.