The creator of 15-minute Fiction Friday expands the challenge and will be posting photo prompts every day for a week. Please check out my Instagram for more details.

Here’s my take on the photo prompt:

The sun appearing redder low down in the sky
begets the hue Lilac
making me sigh
at God’s beautiful creation

The remaining visible light
casts a shadow
from the scattered clouds
eerie but an ethereal beauty

The surreal backdrop image,
a flimsy boat anchored nearby
where the river meets the ocean
adds to the omen of things to come

The travails my job entails
might deter a pigeon-hearted
but my strength of character
depends on a great responsibility

I am warned
but it won’t stop me
from sailing my vessel
to catch the bounties of nature for my family

I salute the fishermen for the job they are doing. Some of them have this job as their only source of income and learned the trade from their ancestors. Let us give tribute to them and appreciate the food they are bringing to our tables.

With love always,