Hello everyone! I was left behind for the 15-minute Fiction Week challenge and neglected my blog as I was busy for two days. But I’m back with my routine now.

I had a hard time interpreting the photo prompt since I am not adept with scientific words.

But here’s my attempt for the day two challenge:

It was the only one of the AI remained. It was a Maddox upgrade built by Dr. Schweitzer, a young genius scientist. The AI was the last vestiges of advance modern droid since humans destroyed every one of them.

Dr. Shweitzer kept the original prototype for his intentions on improving their kind. He has a mission to prove AI’s will not dominate humans again because we need them. He felt exhilaration as he’s on the verge of discovery.

He is a conscientious and hardworking man. He takes his work seriously so we will never be colonized by artificial intelligence again.

I hope I did good! 😇❤️