In time for International Women’s Day, I am dedicating this short story to all women who are facing a battle everyday. You are not alone lovelies. I salute you for being strong. I love being a woman. Cheers! πŸ₯‚

This short story is my day four participation for the 15-minute Fiction Week challenge. The challenge is to create in 100 words a short story or poem based on the photo prompt.

Dropping by the Alcoholics Anonymous to give a pep talk was Barbara’s daily routine. It’s been three years since surviving a fatal accident.

She wasted her life for a narcissist she met at a party. He used to be solicitous but showed his true colors after he grew tired of her.

She was released from rehab when he met him. But after his betrayal, she was devastated and wallow in her usual addiction with booze.

One fateful day, she crashed into a car with five family members while intoxicated. She vowed to become clean forever and share her miraculous survival.

Happy International Women’s Day! ❀️