Hello lovely people! I am sharing with you my take on the last day of the 15-minute Fiction Week. It was a bit late as I busy for a few days. It was also my reason for replying late to your wonderful comments. If I haven’t dropped by your blog, please bear with me as I’m still on the process of replying and visiting wonderful blogs like yours. ✌️🏼😇

Anyway, here’s a poem I made based on the photo prompt.

Aggravating circumstances

lead the scaly dragon in these difficult instances
Driven away by townsfolks’ hostile invasion
it was full of trepidation

Bellowing fire blowing from its mouth
no one can blame it from being uncouth
With its tense back
poise ready for a savage attack

Behind the dragon’s glare
a seething hatred about to set a flare
The townsfolks suddenly became aware
of the brewing tension in the air

By a curious twist of fate
the townfolks trembling in fear of late
Now the scaly dragon was free to go
up to the mountains with all the year round snow

Thank you for reading! ❤️