Hello everyone! I know I’m late in posting this. I was a bit busy with editing my photos. Anyway, here’s some interesting information I gathered for the March phenomenon.

I’m guessing most of you know that the last full moon of Winter usually occurs during March. Usually, it takes place on March 19, 20 or 21. This 2019, it occurred last March 21 at 1:42 UTC. It marks the start of the Spring equinox wherein days will become longer and nights become shorter. This is the season where the temperature becomes warmer. This melts the snow and earthworms surface. Thus, it was called the Full Worm Moon.

What’s more interesting is the Full Worm Moon coincided with the last Supermoon of 2019. According to National Geographic, it hasn’t happened since 2000 and won’t again until 2030. Though it’s not as near as last February 2019, it was still unusually bright.

I hope you have taken a snapshot of the moon.

Full worm moon 3