I’m here for another 15-minute Fiction Friday challenge. The challenge was to create a story or poem based on the photo prompt in 100 words. Please check out my Instagram for more information.

I am continuing the following story to another 15-minute Fiction Friday I created once.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Here’s the continuation…

It was the devastation they all feared for. The aftermath of the conflict between the AI and the uprising movement was chaotic and colossal. It was a price they must pay for. People preferred building a nation from scratch than being enslaved.

The uprising almost did not push through. The insurgents were hunted like mouses in hiding. The AI’s have the upper hand because they control everything.

James, leader of the insurgents was starting to get frustrated. One by one, members were getting discouraged since their plans were constantly foiled. Not until they found the Achilles heel of the AI’s.

Thank you for reading! ❤️

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