A heavy silence filled the receiving room. A lone wolf looked like it was patiently waiting for its master. But if you will look close enough the wolf looked dejected staying on the spot where the master used to lounge. It finally dawned on the lone wolf that the master was never coming home.

The master was the only human who gave the wolf a chance. People were afraid of the furry beast as they called it. The black color of its fur did not help either. It has eyes of a savage but upon looking closely they are tamed and have kindness in them.

How did a wolf possess such qualities? The master has a strong belief that any savage animal can be tamed when it’s still young. From the moment he saw a tiny fur ball deep in the forest whimpering alone he knew.

The young pup’s mom was bathing in its own blood after a fight it had with its own kind. The she-wolf was escaping from its pack with its pup. It had an instinct they do not belong to the pack of savages. But the she-wolf’s plan was foiled by the Alpha-male. It was a heartbreaking sight as the pack ganged up on the she-wolf.

The master took the pup home and took care of it. He gave the pup fresh milk as it was too young to be weaned. He poured his love and devotion to the young pup and even taught the pup some tricks.

The pup was too young to know savagery so it grew up like a faithful dog. It became the master’s companion since he was living alone in the cabin. The wolf protected the master from other savage animals when they were hunting. They had a special bond like no other.

But one day, the master was gripping his chest and lurched on the floor. The master’s heart failed because of old age. His friends buried him. They had an agreement who will adopt the wolf but it bared its fangs, growled and stayed on it’s master’s favorite spot. In the end, they left it on his master’s home since no one can tame it.

The lone wolf stayed but did eat and did not drink even water. It did not even move from its spot. Its eyes were staring vacantly from afar.

One day, a divine light illuminated the whole room. The wolf happily stood up wagging its tail. It was lovingly embraced by the master. Together they followed the tunnel of light.

Thank you for reading! I hope you like the story. This is in response to a photo prompt. I was encouraged by John of The Eclectic Contrarian to participate in his Tell The Story Challenge II. I hope you can check out his great blog if you haven’t yet.