What do you do when your composure is shaken no matter what you do?

There’ll be times no matter what you do
you’ll feel the world against you
Any semblance of tranquility you got there
will be tanked into a mire of despair

Never fear these feelings you feel
instead embrace them as real
Replacing your agitations with beneficial notions
can help affect your actions

Remember to control your mind over matter
because of its usefulness above all a perilous hour
Tranquility is within your power
if you know how to unleash the power of your mind better

Hey lovely people! This was supposed to be posted yesterday but I was not able to finish it until today. Maybe you have heard of the earthquake our country had yesterday. My family and I are okay since we’re far from the epicenter. I only had a major headache and dizziness afterwards. I became worried when my sister told me the tremors were strong where they are. They’re okay though there were devastations left around them.

I know how they felt because it was the same tremor we had when Mt. Pinatubo erupted according to my sister. It was like swaying from side to side suspended on a swing. It was a good thing there were no aftershocks.

I’m imploring everyone to please pray for my country. A while ago there was another tremor in another part of our country. My countrymen are getting worried because of the The Big One. It is a hypothetical earthquake based on faultlines with a great magnitude that can greatly devastate.

We are optimistic and prayerful people so we will take what’s happening with a grain of salt.

Have a wonderful week ahead of you! ❤️

Image: Pixabay