Blue sky


I love the color blue
but it does not make me blue

It is my favorite hue
but I don’t like anyone surprising me out of the blue

I admire and love the sky in cerulean blue
including the turquoise ocean too

My restless mind calms when I see something blue
lifting my spirit anew

Where the skies and oceans are blue
I’ll go anywhere with you

Hey lovely people! It’s the fifth day of the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt Challenge I voluntarily joined. I saw this on one of Sadje’s posts and it gave me an inspiration.

Today, I integrated the challenge with my usual dose of Monday motivation. The challenge was to find something that’s my favorite color. There’s no doubt about my favorite color. You can discern by the theme of my blog. 😁 This color really calms me.

P.S. Do you know that most of your character traits are mostly determined by your favorite color? According to Psychologists, if you love the color blue you are conservative, reliable and trustworthy. You do not trust easily but once people earn your trust they won’t regret it. You are a genuine and sincere person.

People may see you as having a very self-confident persona but they don’t see the vulnerable side of you. You prefer peace and harmony than being in conflict. You have a soft heart though you are rigid. You adhere to rules and standards.

You may not exhibit all the mentioned traits but you might possess some of these, right?

What is your favorite color? Do you know what it tells about you?

Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful weekend ahead. ❤️