Hello lovely people! Maybe you’re wondering what happened to me. I’m sorry if I was missing from the blogosphere. The internet connection was terrible. I had to do my share of driving too since it was a 12-hour drive.

In case you’re wondering, we opted to travel by plane so we won’t miss the scenic places and the local food (I’ll be sharing that experience with photos). The very long and tiring drive was worth it.

My family and I didn’t anticipate staying at a remote resort too. The resort was recommended by our tour guide from our island hopping since the nearest resorts were already fully booked. I panicked when the network on my phone registered ”Error” lol. I was updated with all notifications but I was not able to open them.

The signal at the resort was non-existent and there’s no TV at our room though the place was at par. It was really about communing with nature and spending quality time with family. Surprisingly, we did have a great time without our gadgets.

That’s it for now. I’ll be blogging about my adventure next and I’ll be replying to all your wonderful comments that I missed soonest possible.