What is your idea of a healthy meal? It is always a challenge eating healthy food when dining out nowadays. Fast food restaurants are more popular. You are not even sure of the food preparation being served if they are healthy.

I always prepare healthy food for my family because I believe in taking care of the body. I see to it that I include vegetables in our meals. So when we traveled far from home, I had to google a place where we can eat healthy food.

Luckily, I found this restaurant in San Pablo City, Laguna which serves healthy organic vegetarian food. The vegetables served are harvested from their farm. They serve proteins from animals too like chicken if you are not a vegetarian.

Mushroom sisig
Mushroom sisig
Chicken season with turmeric
Fried Chicken 
Turmeric rice
Turmeric rice
Pansit Kalabuko
This is their famous pansit (noodles) though they used Squash, Mushroom and young coconut meat instead of the usual noodles. This is popularly known as Kalabuko. Kalabasa (squash), Kabute (mushroom) and Buko (young coconut).
Plantsado Lamang Lupa
Popularly known as Plantsado Lamang Lupa (Ironed root crop called Tuge). The root crop wrapped in a banana leaf is cooked using the hot flat iron.

We got our money’s worth as the food served is affordable and tasted great. They have friendly staffs too. We would definitely come back again.

Thank you for reading!