Are you one of those people who love the white long stretch of sand with a gentle salt breeze blowing in your face, calming white noise of nature and wide blue water? This sounds like an idyllic paradise, right? A day at the beach never fails to entice me and anyone I know. The positive effects on mental health being are far great. Don’t you agree?

I’m sharing with you photos of our adventure in Sorsogon. Sorsogon is located at the southernmost tip of the Bicol Peninsula. It was our final and intended destination for our Bicol Adventure because of the beautiful beaches and the crystal clear water.

There’s a port located in one of the provinces of Sorsogon named Matnog which is the busiest in the region for the role it plays as host to millions of people crossing the San Bernardino Strait to Northern Samar (Visayas) annually. Our country has three island groups namely Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

Matnog port.jpg
Matnog port is the end of the Luzon island.

Sorsogon has many things to offer. This is where you will experience the famous whale shark (Butanding) watching and you’ll have a chance to swim with them though you need a day to wait for them from what I gathered. There are also hot springs around the area as there is another volcano active called Mt. Bulusan. As we are short with time, we choose island hopping because my kids love the beach and water.

Mt. Bulusan.jpg
Mt. Bulusan

The travel from Legazpi to Sorsogon took us more than two hours without hassle. I can’t help but be impressed with their wide paved roads on the highway. We reached the resort later in the afternoon as most of the day was devoted to exploring Legazpi. Here’s a link if you haven’t read it yet. Interesting facts about Albay, Bicol, Philippines

Rows of coconut palms and fruit-bearing trees greeted us upon reaching our destination. It was the perfect place to relax and commune with nature. The resort’s proximity near the beach even gave us a chance to catch sight of the beautiful sunrise the next day.

Suki beach

Suki beach accomodation

This was the only resort with a nearby beach that’s not fully booked but we’re not complaining. It’s so peaceful at night as there are no vehicles traveling that can break the silence of the night. You can even hear the Cicadas evocative singing like some choir singing their hearts out because of the stillness of the night. There was not even a Television installed in our room. My family and I have each other’s company to entertain ourselves. It was definitely a rare family time together without gadgets to distract each one of us. 

Because we slept early, we also woke up early in time to catch up the sun coming out from the horizon.



Suki Beach Sunset
Waiting for the sun to come out

Sunset Suki

Sunset Suki beach

Me Sunset Suki beach

strolling at the beach.jpg

beach walking.jpg
Crystal clear water of Suki beach

After getting a dose of the morning sunshine, catching the early morning gentle sea breeze (they say it’s good for those with weak lungs) and having our breakfast, we headed out to Matnog port for our Island hopping which is thirty minutes away from the resort. We availed a day tour island hopping so we can maximize our trip.

Tikling Beach

The island hopping made me remember our adventure in Palawan last year. I was not listening to our tour guide and I missed what was being said then. It happened again because I was so amazed by the crystal blue water and the pink sand. All I heard was the name of the island called Tikling beach. I was not even sure if the tour guide had explained its origin. I already know why it’s called Tikling beach. I always make sure to check out where we are going before embarking on a journey. From what I have gathered, there used to be a lot of Tikling birds roaming the area. We did not see any so I’m not sure if there are still one. We were reminded that we can’t stay long on this island because it was a privately owned island. Visitors are allowed but can’t stay long. In our brief stay, we dipped for a while and took photos. Surprisingly, the water was cold even if it was a hot day.

Tikling beach 2.jpg

As you can see, the beach has pinkish sands. It was created from the powdered red corals scattered all throughout the beach.

Tikling beach

Another attraction you can find on this island was the wild boars cared for by the caretaker. They were not as wild as those you can find in the forest though.

Wild boars

Wild boars 2

Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary

Juag Lagoon Marine Sanctuary was another side trip we went to. It was a privately maintained fish sanctuary. There’s no entrance fee but you can pay 100 pesos (almost 2 USD) if you want to feed the fish. Before going to the sanctuary, our tour guide let us look for the blue starfish I saw when our boat neared the place.

Blue starfish.jpg
Oh, my! The blue starfish was like a rubber toy. I thought it was not real but it curled when it was lifted out of the water for a long time.

There’s a platform at the center of the sanctuary where you’ll be feeding the fish. You have to ride a raft made of bamboo that is pulled with a rope. Most of the fish living here are considered endangered. If you want to experience first-hand swimming with them, you must not wear any sunblock. According to our tour guide, sunblock is poisonous for them. Unfortunately, we all rub ourselves a generous amount of it. You would if you will feel the stinging heat of the sun on your skin. It was hotter in our country lately. 

Let’s see if you can distinguish the fish.

fish sanctuary feeding fish


fish sanctuary

fish sanctuary2

fish sanctuary3

fish sanctuary 4

It looks as if the fish were used to this kind of activity because they followed the raft. They even knew when someone was going to throw food at them. Hmmm. Anyway, it was wonderful seeing all those rare fishes. Did you see the fish with a long snout? They call them Pinocchio.

Subic beach, Calintaan island, Matnog

You’ll be amazed when you see this remote beach. It has the pinkest sands as far as your eyes can see. Unfortunately, I did not get a perfect shot because it was crowded that day. This is the island where there are accommodations and cottages you can rent for the day.

Subic beach Matnog.jpg

cottages Subic island

Kayak for rent

Our lunch prepared by our tour guide.

sea weed grapes
Seaweed grapes
sliced watermelon
The fruit in season is Watermelon.
Squash cooked in coconut milk
Squash with little crabs cooked in coconut milk
grilled fish.jpg
Grilled fish

It was definitely a satisfying meal. We were advised to take a rest first because it’s not advisable to take a swim while our stomachs were full. It was sweltering hot that day and we don’t have the energy to brave the heat of the sun.

My kids in a kayak.

Feet in sand subic matnog

Pink sands subic matnog sorsogon.jpg
Pink Sand

Pink sand subic Matnog

Calintaan Cave, Matnog

Calintaan cave was our last exploration for the day. Our tour guide informed us beforehand that we were to enter a cave. It was like the hidden lagoon from Palawan but only narrower. You have to swim in order to get there. We were supposed to go there before going to Subic island but we were met with big crashing waves so we had to forgo our plans to explore. It was too dangerous to go inside as the mouth of the cave is narrow.

Calintaan cave_.jpg

Calintaan cave background.jpg

It took us a few minutes to get to the other side of Calintaan island where the caves are situated. We were told to swim the few distances leading to the cave and we reached in no time after treading the water. We were instructed to duck our heads once we were at the mouth of the cave because the ceiling was much lower.

Though I was a bit disappointed when I saw it was full pack inside, I felt overwhelmed by a sense of tranquility once inside. Light was pouring in from the open-air sky. What you’ll see upon entering the cave is a small mass of land with lots of stones stacked. I guess there have been many who have been here before. After taking pictures we were told to go back immediately to avoid the big waves coming again.


Before we headed for home, our tour guide gave us a chance to explore a deeper part of the sea for a few minutes to see the corals and fishes. It was a lovely sight under the sea according to the kids. I did not join them because I’m the official photographer and I still have my fear of the deep water. 😁

That’s my eldest poised for a dive.


It was another day well spent. Though it was hotter that day, it was perfect to go swimming at the beach. The kids definitely had a great time. My husband did have a good time too because he asked me where our next travel is lol.

The next day I took the last photo of the Mayon Volcano upon our way to Manila. I fell in love with this majestic perfect cone. I want to go back again someday to explore more of its beauty. Someday perhaps.

Mt. Mayon_

I hope you had a great time reading our adventure. Until the next adventure! ❤