Never regret
the decision you made
to purge things and people
who may rob the serenity
from your life

In the past few days, I started decluttering our home. I hosted my two kids’ party at home so I had to clean up. I was shocked to find out many unnecessary things have accumulated over a brief period of time. If only the house can swallow unnecessary junks lol.

My mom would always say her eyes were always itching because of our mess when we were kids. I realized my mom’s philosophy in life when I became a mom. She was always teaching us the right direction in life. To live a life with purpose is what she instilled in us. She has shown that it always begins at home.

So in preparation for my two kids’ party for the past few days, I tidied up our home. I took control of it. It all boils down to throwing unnecessary things. What takes up space needs to be eliminated. I’m still in the process.

Here’s my smart guide in decluttering our home.

1. Sit back and observe what needs to be eliminated

Observing from another perspective will unfold what the unnecessary things are. It always works for me.

2. Make a list of what needs to be done

Planning ahead and writing it all down makes it easier.

3. Prepare a systematic classification

Getting rid of things is really hard especially if it has sentimental value. I saw this popular Three-Box Method on the Web that will help you. I have been doing it since I can remember.

Decluttering is not only for junk things you accumulate at home but also those people who do not always see the bright side of things. They are those we call emotional vampires. These are the toxic ones who drain us of our energy and leave us emotionally worn out. They need to be eliminated from our life if we want peace of mind.

How about you? What are your tips in decluttering?

I’m wishing you all a wonderful week ahead! ❤️

Featured image: Pixabay