Blessed are those who show only kindness even at their worst moments. – Winnie

I have no stories to share with you about kindness today. I’m here to share with you all inspiring quotes to remind us what kindness is. Sometimes we forget this noblest act especially during trying times.

I can’t thank you all enough who have shown kindness to me right from the start and to those new friends who have only encouraging words to say. You are too many to mention, dear friends. That includes my Kababayans (fellow countrymen) who always drop by to check out on my blog.

This post would not be possible without dear Jess (Jessica E. Larsen). I’m thanking her for the Random Acts of Kindness Award she nominated me for. Please do check her out. You’ll love my kababayan’s (fellow countrywoman) bubbly and honest personality. I admire her for she has already published her own books. I’ll get there too I promise, dear Jess.

I’m not the same person as before because of all the kindness you have shown me. I wish you all success in writing. You rock, my friends!