I survived the first few days of a month-long writing challenge! Though I am not meeting my daily word count, I am making it happen by writing every day.

One downside of writing a novel with a tight schedule is you had to sacrifice some time. As much as I would like to talk to all you, my schedule prevented it. All I can do for now is to snatch some time once in a while to check out blogs. Most of my future posts will be scheduled from now on. Well, some of my recent posts were scheduled so I haven’t attend to all your lovely comments yet. I’ll catch up with you as much as I can. I hope you don’t forget about me.

I end this with an advice from a great friend co-blogger Jyoti the light when I told her how I was tired from my recent activity and not meeting my goal.

”Something is better than nothing. Start with less, once it works out, we can always increase the word goal and excel in our work!”Jyoti

Have a wonderful weekend lovely people! ❤️