Happy Monday everyone! There are days no matter what we do there are people who will pull us down. It’s easy to give up easily when negativity and pessimism abound around. Aren’t you grateful to those few people who never fail to uplift you? They give meaning to your life and direct you to the right path. I am glad there are many people here in the blogosphere who uplift others. Blessings to you lovely people!

They said I was not good enough for him. I remembered how it was used to be. I saw it in their eyes. He who was the brightest star among the luminous ones in the velvet sky. I who was just a speck of an orb struggling to keep up my light within. In their eyes, I was not worthy to move in orbit around their sphere.

Who are they to form such a low opinion of me? He is man enough to fight for what he knew best. He saw something in me most people failed to notice. The only one who colored my world with loving brushstrokes. He was like a sculptor who painstakingly smoothed out the rough edges. He pushed me to be the better version of myself.

Now, my time has come to shine. I wonder what will they think. Am I now worthy enough for him? Will they be dazzled or stunned by my effulgence?

Have a wonderful week! ❤️

Image: Pixabay