How do you keep up with today’s distractions? We have dealt with so many distractions in our life and it looked like they are growing in number and changing over time.

Technology is our number one distraction. It keeps us away from having quality time with our family and for the most part our goal in life. Social media, aimless internet browsing and the like force us to miss a lot in life.

Working nowadays take away most of our time with our family too. Those who work endless hours and have overloaded schedules of meetings and appointments miss a lot of important events like graduation, birthdays, weddings or any gatherings.

Do you feel your time is always limited? Maybe you even feel twenty hours is too short for you.

Here’s what I learned when I got sick.

Learn to slow down.

There are many things I want to finish at the same time. It made me only tired and I have not accomplished all my goals. If only we could do things one at a time we might accomplish everything.

Do not please everybody.

This means saying no to people who will veer you off to your goal. It’s okay to go out with friends but only those who can help you achieve your goal and give you positivity in life. Avoid those who love to gossip only. There are many like this around me.

Prioritize what matters most.

Our health is our number one priority and we should listen to what it is saying to us. Nourish it with healthy food and drink a lot of water. Getting enough sleep is another way of taking care of oneself. I’m guilty.😁 My sickness forced me to sleep early and I took naps all the time so I’m getting better.

Learn to prioritize also what gives you happiness in life. I’m sure your family like me belongs in this category. Life is fleeting. We need to enjoy every minute we have with our family.

You must love too what you do in order to be successful in life. Strive to get your dream job. When you’re happy with what you do it reflects. If writing is your passion go for it. You might be the next J. K. Rowling.

Happy Monday lovely people! ❤️