Drowning in her sorrow
trapped in a quagmire of despair
eroded dreams
lost in a forest of uncertainties

Her past beginnings unfold
when the onset of spring emerged
when you can feel the warmth
after a hard winter

As long as lilacs bloom
the birds chirp
and caterpillars become butterflies
her future holds some promise
©Winnie, Musings

Image: Pixabay

Day 20 of August Falls Poetry Challenge 2019

Word prompt: Past beginnings

Hello lovely people! I hope you did not forget me. I missed chatting with all of you. Taking care of my mom took all of my concentration and strength. She was eager to sit down and have a chat with me. She’s getting more sensitive so I have to give her my most undivided attention. She used to be alone most of the day because my sister works. But lately someone has to keep an eagle eye on her because she was wandering looking for her home. Her Alzheimer’s is progressing so her lucid moments are getting fewer. We are getting a hard time looking for someone who can take care of her needs because most caregivers are going abroad. There’s someone interested, but we have to wait a month because she’s still in training. I am hoping we can find someone soon so I can resume my writing and take care of my family. Please include me in your prayers.

I had found the time to resume my poetry challenge and write because tomorrow is a very special day and I need to take a time for myself. I am hoping I can write more this weekend and on Monday. Monday is a holiday so my sister can look after my mom.

I still have to reply to a lot of wonderful messages so please bear with me.

Have a great weekend! ❤️