From the peaceful evergreen valley
to every street and alley
I have sought my destiny
for whom I can play with the sweetest melody

I thought I was cursed
for I felt my fate reversed
having my bubble burst
when my heart was broken from my first

But then you came along
never felt wrong
for you made me strong
and making alive the lyrics of any song

Let us celebrate our newfound love and let time flies
be lost under the lilac skies
oblivious in a world full of lies
hoping our love never dies

©Winnie, Musings

Image: Pixabay

Day 26 of August Falls Poetry Challenge 2019

Word prompt: Lilac skies

Hello guys! I fell behind from the August prompts and I’m still trying to finish them. You know how life always gets in the way. I have put aside my WIP because it’s in my poem I found solace nowadays.

Have a blessed Sunday! ❤️