Tried to block the luminous blaze
painted it with black and white
but the hues spilled
with a moment of unbridled fervor
for the body never lies
when I am the Light

Eunoia prompts December 2019

Prompt # 1: The body never lies

Image borrowed from Pinterest

Hey guys! I am back. I know you’re all wondering where I have been. No, I did not have the writer’s block. I joined the Nanowrimo November 2019 hoping I’ll finish my novel. As predicted I reached only half of my total word count because life always gets in the way. I’m crossing my fingers I’ll finish it no time.

I started a new hobby too. As some of you know, I love gardening. When I read strawberries can be grown in hot and dry climates, I bought runners to experiment. The fruits are expensive here in our country so it did not take a lot of persuasions for me to grow my own plants. Besides strawberry is a highly valued crop. I am hoping to sell runners one day. I read a lot about how to grow them hence my preoccupation for the past two months.

I joined a group of enthusiast like me because I was not successful at my first try. I attended a workshop to learn more. Because of added knowledge, my second attempt at growing strawberries has been successful so far. Though some of them died more than half of them have survived. I now see some shoots coming out.

I did not realize the complexities of growing one until I was embroiled. I already invested a lot of time and money so my hobby became a passion. I’ll share my plants when they are really healthy. They are still a work in progress.

Me plowing

Thank you for reading! Sending you all my love. ❤️