The fullness of your time
hangs in the balance
for you are like a flickering candle
with its refulgence guttering out

It battles the elements around
but the burning flame
bright as it may once
will face its fate in due time

And now you wear
your notable sullen face
as bitter as a wormwood
wallowing in the murk of the foggy night

I tell you, be brave as Achilles
dodging those poison arrows
and be the wind who chooses its own direction
so as to avoid the cradle of destruction
©Winnie, Musings

Eunoia prompts January 2020
Prompt: A flickering candle

Photo borrowed from Pinterest

Hello lovely people! I missed you. I hope you have not forgotten me. I’m still on the planning stage of a party. I am more relaxed now unlike before. I’ll tell you about it in a few months from now.

Have a lovely day or a wonderful evening! ❤️