Hey guys! I’m sharing with you another Gold star I won from @Eunoia prompts’ poem challenge. Please check them out at Instagram if you want to join their contests or daily prompts.

Here’s my take on the photo prompt.

Alone in the gloomy brume
not a single soul can be found,
for which a deafening silence ensues
and only the beating of my heart, you’ll discern

A panic arises from my depth
when a rope constricts me like a boa constrictor
enticing me towards an abyss
with my leaden feet dragging me

A soft nagging whisper
forewarns me
of a looming tenebrous ahead
but sudden courage rises out of me
to continue an unknown journey

As soon as I plunge the depth of the abyss
the rope snaps
and I find myself waking up from a bad dream
©Winnie, Musings