Hello, lovely people! How are you all? I missed a lot of dear friends here. It made me realize that it has been a year since I last published.

I already laid out a plan for my comeback (I have the draft 😁) but some dear blogosphere friends inspired me for an early comeback. Some have reached out and asked how am I doing. I appreciate the gesture. ❀️

I was at the peak of my writing when I stopped. As some of you well know, we had some difficulties because of my mom. I had to stop what I am doing to take care of everything. Being the eldest I need to sort out some things for everybody to be happy. That’s what I am. I am happy when everyoneβ€˜s happy.

Then, the situation took a toll on me. There was this heaviness I was feeling. Every time I start writing I was always crying. It came to a point no words were coming out. There was this thing growing inside me and took control of me. I had to find some outlet to be myself again.

One day, everything started falling into the right place. Some great opportunities and blessings came to which I am grateful. But I can not deny the voice inside me prodding me to write. So I started reading and learning again to get back on track.

So am I back? I am but taking baby steps for now.

That’s it for now. I’ll catch up with you all soon! πŸ€—

*photo is mine..from my garden…

Blue pea