I have been tag by a dear fellow blogger Richa to post three quotes for three days. Before I will share a beautiful quote, I will have to tell you what my day was like.

I had to travel for almost two and a half hours just to meet friends today. The travel I made was worth it. I only get to see these friends once a year since we moved to the city. If I’m not mistaken I have known them for six years. It’s a good thing technology is advanced. We got to communicate through social media. We meet every summer for a get-together.

These are my friends I met when I enrolled my kids in a swimming lesson. These are among my friends who love also the positivity in life. One thing I love about them is their honesty and loyalty. They tell you upfront their thoughts for your own good. And I am not afraid to tell them what I am feeling. I can also  be my vivacious self when I’m with them. I don’t need to Elaborate the special the bond we have.


Here’s a quote that’s apt to them.



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