I would like to thank Richa from Iscriblr for the opportunity she has given me to post quotes for three days. For the last day, I am going to share my favorite quote which is one of my personal mantra in life.


Ever since I can remember I knew I always approach life with enthusiasm. It was in Kindergarten that I got the Most Cheerful award 😇. I guess teachers saw my enthusiasm.

There was a time in my preschool years that my father forgot to fetch me from school. He lost track of time playing Chess with his friend. I was only too happy to play and did not cry. There was a teacher with her daughter living in the school premises so I feel safe. The teacher only became worried when it was getting dark. She instructed the caretaker of the school to take me home. Of course, my mom got angry since my father forgot about me and I got home first. My mother only became calm when I told her that I had a great time playing and nothing bad happened.

That’s why whenever I’m in a bad situation I always make it a point to see the bright side. Nothing good will come out if you worry too much and dwell on the negative. Draw strength from the positive side and find a solution.

It’s so much easier to be enthusiastic about life than to be pessimistic. It makes life easier and you can gain more friends. People will see your positive light and better opportunities will open up to you.


Remember to approach life with enthusiasm. Wake up with a grateful heart. Be more passionate about what you do. It’s how you see the world that defines you. Choose to be more enthusiastic and you’ll be more successful and live a happier life. It will reflect on you. You’ll be a Notable good role model.