Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good day or night today. Don’t forget to smile. It lights up the world. 😊

I would like to thank Mws R from Mws R Writings for selecting me for the RAKA Award or Random Acts of Kindness Award. I hope you can check out her amazing blog which has diverse topics from poems to recipes. 

About the Award

This award was created by me, Mws R for the sole purpose of connecting people who have had something shown to them, or gave to them that expresses a kind and loving nature, perhaps a kind and loving heart, or a wonderful spirit.

My hopes in creating this was so that we all can share, unite, and rejuvenate our heart of giving. I am hoping that is spreads like a wild-fire and we all find some sense of love, unity and sharing out of it all.Mws R Writing


In relation to the theme, I am extending my kindness and nominating Lauren Rogers from The beautiful butterflies for the Random Acts of Kindness Award. Hey Lauren here’s your chance to connect with the other bloggers. I hope you can check out her blog. She loves connecting with other people just like me. She’s new in the blogosphere so I hope you can welcome her.

This award is also open to all who wants to spread kindness in the community.

Much love,