Hello lovely people! I’m back with another dose of Monday motivation after this portion been missing from my blog for some time. 

It’s a great day today. The sun is shining but the weather is cool. It’s a windy day too. Decembers are supposed to be like these. I know I know I sounded like a weather reporter. 😂 Seriously, it’s a nice day to start anew.

I hope you woke up with a grateful heart. I know there are really bad days for you but starting your week with positive anticipation will get you to your goal. And what is your goal? Please tell me about it. 

Mornings are there to give us a chance to make up to what we missed yesterday. Isn’t that great? So what? You have not finished that project you’re making or you have not met your diet goal. Stop stressing yourself. Live today but eat healthy. Do something about that goal. Grab that second chance. Believe me, I have lived with many disappointments in life. 

So grab that hat of opportunity. Try it and feel it. Who knows. It does become you.

Have a lovely week ahead of you! ❤️