Hello lovely people! This is the third day of the Gratitude Scavenger Hunt Challenge I joined which was shared by Sadje.

I am grateful that I have my sense of smell because there are people who can’t smell. That must be really hard for them knowing they can’t appreciate pleasant scents. Pleasant scents coming from freshly baked bread, fresh cut grass, floral and citrus perfumes and flowers are what I love to smell.

For this day, I am to find one thing that I love to smell. I have something in mind when I thought of the third-day challenge.

Whenever I walk around our neighbourhood I am always fascinated by the flowers at someone else’s garden. They invaded the fences as there’s no one living at the house. Because of the challenge, I inspected the flower closely and smelled one.

Can you please identify this flower as I’m not familiar with it. It has the same scent as our local flower Rosal (scientific name Gardenia jasminoides J.Ellis). Here are photos of the flower.

Here’s my attempt on Acrostic poem.

Scents can do

Marvels and affect


Like the

Lavender flower

How about you? What do you love to smell?