Hello lovely people! It’s the start of another week for today. Let’s have another round of motivation, okay? The weekend came and gone at a moment’s notice. Is it Monday already? you might say.

I don’t know why but I love Mondays. I always feel like there’s a great new beginning coming.

One of Richa’s topic for the Freedom of expression challenge she created is Patience. Her topic is perfect for my weekly Monday motivation.

How many times your patience has been tested? You meet people along the way and they will either make you or break you. There are also those around you that will test your patience. What do you do?

I learned patience from my kids
while teaching them what it’s like to wait with calmness
when I have to curb my anger
from those who provoke me
because a role model is expected of me – Winnie

Thank you for the opportunity, dear Richa! ❤️