Baring one’s soul through writing,
that’s truly Captivating.
A glimpse of a beautiful soul,
you’ll see it inscribed in a scroll.

A vocalist beautiful rendition of a song,
truly captivating like a birdsong.
Melodious to the ears,
the only Noise is from the loud cheers.

An instrumentalist plays
a musical instrument you can sing along.
It’s captivating with one’s hand rendition of a song.
The instrument an extension of one’s feelings,
it gently resonates one’s emotional bearings.

An artisan skilled with his hand,
creating a captivating masterpiece that is in demand.
A painter, an artisan captures a scene in a canvas,
truly remarkable with one’s hand’s craftiness.

All of them are artists,
captivating us with their work’s finest.
A part of their beautiful soul bared,
for what they have shared.

Image courtesy: Pixabay