As I have mentioned from my past posts, one in our family’s bucket list is to travel and explore our country. There are so many beautiful places here that we have not discovered.

As we don’t like the idea of a long drive, for now, we tried a place where we can travel by plane. The only setback here is the internet connection’s intermittent signal. Hence, I have not yet checked your blogs. I miss reading all your great posts. Well, the idea was to take a vacation away from technologies and work 😁. I’ll catch up soon!

As I do not have my laptop with me to edit pictures from our camera, I’m going to share some pictures taken from my husband’s phone. My cell phone died out too soon. I guessed the battery needs replacement or I need a new one 😁😇.

I’ll share with you the detailed account where we went after we go home. For now, here are some it.


Happy reading! Until my next post!