I hope you’re all doing great today!  Even if the sun did not shine today here, I did not let it dampened my spirit.

I was nominated by dear Richa of Iscriblr, a gorgeous nice blogger, for the “My Day in Pictures” Tag. This tag is about sharing your day in photos. I’m only too happy to accept since I love Photography! Please bear with me as I maybe chatty as I go on.

I’m going to share with you my day during weekends because it’s usually my exciting days. Actually, my weekends are far from boring. These are my busiest days as they are usually spent with families or friends. These are my days catching up with everyone.

Upon waking up, a visit to my parent’s backyard is what my husband and I usually do if we’re visiting my mom. There are many fruit-bearing trees you’ll find here. It’s not the same trees when I was growing up. Many things have changed over the years. Anyway, I grew up with a healthy body because of the abundance of fruits and vegetables in our backyard. My father loved planting.

My parent’s backyard

I’m going to share with you the fruit-bearing trees in the backyard. Do you see the fruit at the center of the picture below? It’s a bit blurry though. We call this Guyabano in our country or Soursop in English. It is an exotic fruit which has a distinct sweet-sour flavor that tastes like pineapple and strawberry with a tang of sour citrus taste. It has many medicinal properties from its bark, leaves, roots, fruit, and seeds. I swear to the efficacy of the leaves when boiled to make tea as a treatment for stomach aches. I hope you have also heard of the medicinal properties of the fruit itself for its ability to protect against cancer and reduce side-effects of chemotherapy.


Google image

The fruit below is the local Bayabas as we call it in our country or Guava fruit. Its taste is said to be a cross between a pear and a strawberry with sweeter varieties. It has also many health benefits from its fruit, leaves, bark and roots.


The Santol, as we call it, or Sandor in English has fruit tissue which is mostly sour but some varieties are sweet too. It was harvest season by the way.

Image from Wikipedia

The next fruit is called “Suha” or as you know it with its common name Pomelo. It is a citrus fruit bigger than a grapefruit though sweeter when ripe.

pomelo 2-1

For this weekend, my family and I had a get together with my high school friends at one of our friend’s farm. We had a dip in the pool since it was filled up just for us.

The only thing I forgot is to snap the picture of our food since I was busy chatting with my friends 😄. What we have was mostly Filipino foods.

My husband and I watched the series Sense8 as recommended by dear Richa 


1 Tell me about your day in pictures (preferably own snaps). Use the pictures snapped/taken during 3 last days.
2 It should reflect – who you are, what do you like or do on a daily basis.
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I am opening the nomination for those interested to join in as before. Hey guys, this is fun! I hope you’ll be interested.

Enjoy every moment you have been given. Make it worthwhile.

with so much love