Remember my last 15-minute Fiction Friday? The following story is a continuation from that story. I connected the story from Kevin’s (of What Words May come) photo prompt. He tagged me for a photo prompt challenge created by The Eclectic Contrarian.

Here’s my take on it.

In the dead of the night, there was a blinding flash of light. The sudden radiance illuminated the lifeless trunks of trees.

Concurrent with the flash of light was two figures materializing from out of nowhere. One of them was convulsing in fear. The other one was very intent on saving the other one. His brows knitted in serious concentration.

”W-w-where are y-y-you t-t-taking me?, stammered the first one name, Griffin.

The other one name Maximus looked like he did not hear Griffin’s agitated inquiry. He heard him clearly. He was only hell-bent on getting as far away from the assassins and saving Griffin.

In his haste, he miscalculated the time manipulation through his smartwatch, a device invented by another brilliant scientist like Griffin.

Maximus belong to a group of a secret society protecting brilliant people from being manipulated by the government.

How unfortunate for them to land in a distressing place. This is a place where the bad people got hold of brilliant inventions and manipulated everything for their own agenda. Unfortunately, a bomb was unleashed and destroyed the place.

to be continued..

Thank you for reading! 😃❤️