Hello lovely people! How are you all? I was going to post yesterday about our reunion but I forgot my eyeglasses. I’m literally blind when I don’t wear one. 😁🤓

Being with former high school mates was a blast from the past. I did mention that I really enjoyed my high school years, didn’t I? It was the best years of my life as a student. I was so carefree my grades did suffer because I was like the grasshopper dancing away without a care for the future.

Without sounding like a braggart, I’m proud to say that I’m clever enough to secure a place from the top class sections. For me, I prefer to enjoy than slave away in books.

I had some regrets though for a while while I was in college. If I did study hard I might have entered the top university in our country easily. I already accepted my fate and moved on.

Anyway, here are some photos from the reunion. I did not take photos since most of my former batchmates captured the moment. You have to excuse the blurriness of some photos. These are the only available that I grabbed from their Facebook account.

And here are my friends that I still get in touch more often.